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Plant Modernisation

Release the power potential of your old hydroelectric asset

If you own or manage one of the many aging, small hydroelectric plants still operating around the country, isn’t it time you evaluated the benefits of undertaking a modernisation program. With key upgrades you can significant extent the lifespan of your plant, boost output, optimise efficiency and reduce long-term maintenance costs. In addition, by adding an advanced monitoring and control system you’ll be able to maximise your power generation capacity while keeping a close eye on maintaining the stability of the system.


Technology has improved markedly over the last couple of decades allowing computer modelling to help develop customised turbines best suited to your specific application and harnessing the advantages of advanced control systems and reducing the level of man hours overseeing and monitoring the plant.

Technological advances in turbine design have also improved the environmental impacts on fish species and helped reduce snagging and build-up of debris, both significant positives from a planning permission and maintenance point of view.   

In addition, upgrading your plant increases the value of your asset, providing greater reliability and confidence for future operation.    

Return on investment

Every refurbishment project is different, but one thing remains the same, as a business operator you want to be able to clearly evaluate your return on investment. Are all the benefits of upgrading worth the investment and will the payback period and increased asset value match your expectations.

At AKS we simplify the process by providing a comprehensive project review, listening to your requirements prior to undertaking a site assessment to evaluate and model optional plans for your plant’s modernisation. Then we develop a fully costed analysis with recommendations to achieve your strategic goals.

The costings include potential savings that could be made by taking advantage of any currently available Government Grants, Programs or Schemes for renewable energy at a State and Federal level, along with the per megawatt output improvements and potential maintenance cost savings. Additionally, and in line with our value for money principles, we’ll provide a fully tabulated Return on Investment schedule to help you and your stakeholders make to best value judgement on the project’s feasibility. 

STREAMLINED Implementation

Once you decide to progress with your project, the AKS team will work with you to overcome any regulatory hurdles and can also assists you with planning permission advice and finalising of Grant Applications.

AKS will then finalise the project specification with you and develop an implementation plan for your final sign-off. This includes all equipment, services, civil works, engineering consultancy and project management required over the life cycling of the upgrade. It also includes testing and commissioning of the upgraded plant and plant operational support for a specified period post commissioning. Any new civil construction will be undertaken by our experienced partners X while AKS provide, installation, and commission all your new equipment following the agreed project timeline.

Backup and support

While you’ll be more than comfortable managing your own upgrade asset, it good to know that the AKS Service and Support Team are there for you to call on should you need technical or maintenance assistance.


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