Escava Lamella Clarifiers are designed for the continuous separation of sediments from water with two basic purposes: to increase the settling area and to obtain a laminar flow. The inclined lamella plates of the Escava provide a large effective settling area while maintaining a small operational footprint.

Designed for the optimum separation, Escava Clarifiers are ideal for the separation of sediment and heavy solid in Industrial wastewater treatment applications, pre-filtration of drinking water at Municipal wastewater treatment sites, or for sludge thickening in Mining and related industries.



Built from a selection of materials, including epoxy coated steel, stainless steel or fibreglass, Escava Lamella Clarifiers can be suitably manufactured to match your application and budget.


Our Escava Lamella Clarifier system is available in a 3 convenient standard models that can manage from 60 kL – 250 kL/day of work flow. Larger flows can be managed by using multiple units.

  • Escava LC-60 Capacity: <60 kL/day, Dimensions: 3,600 x 2,400 x 3,150mm
  • Escava LC-150 Capacity: <150 kL/day, Dimensions: 4,400 x 2,400 x 3,150mm
  • Escava LC-250 Capacity: <250 kL/day, Dimensions: 7,200 x 2,400 x 3,150mm
  • DAF body material: GRP
  • Tank finish: Coat I5 BV
  • Support structure: 304 stainless steel
  • Access stairs and inspection platform: Galvanised steel and FRP grating
  • Tubes: PEHD
  • Caustic Soda injection point: 1
  • Coagulant injection point: 1
  • pH measurement point: 1
  • Sample points: 4
  • Lamellar separator plates, 100mm spacing: Yes
  • Pneumatic sludge discharge valve, 6 – 8 bar working pressure: 2
  • Surface scrapers: 304 stainless steel and GRP
  • Surface scraper motor: 0.55kW, 3 phase Endless crown
  • Recirculation pump: Lowara 11.0kW, 3 phase motor
  • Re-circulation flow: 0 – 37 m³/h
  • Recirculation operating pressure: 4.6 – 5.8bar
  • Pressurisation tank: 425L, 304 stainless steel construction
  • Airflow requirement: 514L/min @ 6 – 8 bar
  • Level sensor: IFM LI5141 Capacitive type
  • Inlet: DN200
  • Outlet: DN200
  • Sludge outlet: DN150
  • PLC: Siemens
  • HMi: Siemens Touch

With body construction from epoxy coated steel, stainless steel or fibreglass, and manufactured to the highest standard of quality and workmanship, the Escava range will proven many years of reliable service.

AKS  carries ISO certification for 9001 Quality, 14001 Environmental Management and 45001 for OH&S Management.



Due to its design, the Escava Clarifier can be installed with or without using a crane, depending on its location on site. With sturdy skid base, the Escava can be quickly maneuvered into place. Ensure you read the installation section of the Manual for complete information, if AKS is not installing the Escava for you.


Maintenance is significantly reduced with reduced confined-space servicing required due open top design and flush-out features. Ensure you read the Manual for complete information about routine Maintenance to make sure your Escava remains is optimum operating condition.

Our Escava brand range of products helps screen, separate or compact sediments from wastewater, providing primary treatment for a host of industry applications. Additionally, we offer both Escava DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) and Clarifier systems for more advanced separation of suspended solids, sludge and/or oils from wastewater, providing options for basic trade waste uses, right up to large scale Municipal applications. Read more