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River & Canal Systems

‘Name’ Modular System

AKS offers the innovative ‘Name Modular System’ for use in rivers or canals allowing the generation of a continuous renewable energy source at an exceptional low entry price. Each Name module generates XX kW of three-phase AC power, with the system designed to be scaled by strategically placing multiple units along the river to maximise generation capacity at any given location.


Potential capacity is modeled for each site and provided with our project proposal to assist in gaining Environment and Planning approvals. Modules can be installed in a single development or staged over time as budget and planning permits. This provides a very viable investment model compared to traditional hydroelectric dam development, no matter how small.


The ‘Name Modular System’ can be installed before or after existing hydroelectric dams, maximising flows at the location and adding to the existing plants capacity with very little additional infrastructure required.

Individual modules are also ideal for remote off-grid applications in the vicinity of an appropriate river or creek, such as mines, remote communities, and holiday parks. This removes the reliance on intermittent solar power or costing generators, providing a reliable low maintenance environmentally friendly alternative.

The use of a single ‘Name Modular System’ can be sufficient to supply the needs of a small community of up to X people, making it an ideal solution for use in remote Australia were communities’ have access to a nearby river.  

Vortex System

The Vortex System is cost-effective and a highly eco-friendly way to harness energy from waterways with a low height difference, all designed for durability and low maintenance. The system does not require a dam or weir, rather it uses small side canals to redirect a minimal flow of the river into a chamber where the turbine is mounted vertically, after which the water exits back into the river further downstream.

This design, where the turbines work together with the rivers natural flow, and do not obstruct the river, eliminates flood risks commonly experienced with dams. Importantly, this system has also proven to be 100% fish friendly, employing slow RPM impellers with a design that creates low shear stress. The slow rate of pressure difference over the blade ensures that the turbine lets fish and aquatic life pass through unharmed.

Plants can be installed in almost any river or canal that has a drop between 1.5 – 5m, enabling the generation of electricity using an individual turbine or a network of multiple turbines for higher energy demands. Individual turbines are available in are range of sizes, generating from 15 to 70 kW of constant energy, packaged in series to provide significantly larger outputs. The System command controller takes care of safe, efficient, and autonomous operation of the turbine, and is enabled with secure remote control also providing predictive maintenance requirements.


Installation of this system requires limited civil works and minimal disruption to the surrounding environment, making it easier to gain Environmental Impact and Planning Permissions. Overall project ‘concept to completion’ timeframes are also significantly shorter than traditional dams or weirs because of these factors, meaning your new asset can be up and running more quickly and the payback period starts sooner too.


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