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OrbSolar Mixer

OrbSolar Mixer For Central Coast Municipal Dam

One of our patented OrbSolar Mixer has just been installed on a Central Coast Municipal Dam to help improve the quality of feed-water to a downstream water treatment plant.

Using a long adjustable tube, the OrbSolar destratifies by drawing source water from great depth (up to 20m) and then disperses it over the water surface, raising the dissolved oxygen levels and improving overall water quality. The OrbSolar also mitigates against the development of blue green algae and helps to reduce high manganese levels.

Easy to install, the OrbSolar Mixer is tethered via two onshore cables or anchors, providing a stable platform for the mixer to operate. With powerful battery operation feed by inbuilt or onshore high efficiency solar panels, the OrbSolar is ideal for remote locations.

Harnessing 100% renewable energy via solar, the OrbSolar can move up to 2ML of water per hour. The system can also be optioned to connect to SCADA system, and is offered with an optional turbine in high wind areas.

Visit the OrbSolar product feature page

A single OrbSolar Mixer unit an provide positive water treatment result on water bodies of up to 20,000m2 (2ha), with strategically positioned multiple units offering greater coverage.

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