Activait pH Correction


The Activait pH Correction System is a fully engineered measurement and dosing control package for a variety of wastewater applications. Designed on a convenient 316 stainless steel skid and utilising high-quality components, our Activait system provides a highly reliable solution that is easy to operate. Supplied with a powder-coated, lockable steel control cabinet for safety and security, the Activait pH Correction System utilises both caustic and acid dosing in installation ready package. Models available with re-circulation flow rates of 1 – 100 L/sec.


The Activait pH Correction System uses high-quality Grundfos pumps and our Activait controller, with BMS integration, enable remote monitoring and control over the system.


The Activait pH Correction System is a tough and reliable dosing package, incorporating the follow features:

DESIGN Package
  • Endress & Hauser Water Analyser
  • Grundfos Chemical Dosing Pump
  • 110L Chemical Drum
  • pH Treatment System Piping with Sample Tap
  • Flow Switch
  • pH Sensor
  • Acid Injection Point
  • Alkaline Injection Point
  • Activait Pump Controller
  • DN50 Inlet Valve
  • DN50 Outlet Valve
  • Packaged on a 316 stainless steel skid
Skid Package
  • Re-circulation pump control system with feed tank low level float isolation
  • pH sensors with flow cell and local monitor for regulating the dosing pumps’ operation to maintain the required pH level in the pipeline and managing the alert system
  • Chemical bund systems including drip tray, Grundfos DDE dosing pump with adjustable turn-down, level sensor
  • Powder-coated, lockable steel Control Cabinet
  • Optional standby equipment
  • Run / fault indicator lights
  • Visible / audible alarms
  • BMS outputs for remote management

Manufactured under ISO 9001 certification, our Activait pH Correction System is also fully factory tested and approved prior to delivery and site. AKS also carries ISO certification for 14001 Environmental Management and 45001 for OH&S Management.


Installation is made easy using our step-by-step, plug and play, Installation and Maintenance Guide. Activait pH Correction Systems also included site commissioning as part of the quoted price, ensuring you can be fully operational without any hassle.


Maintenance is reduced to a minimum, with topping up of chemicals the only regular task required, as requested by the controller. All other systems maintenance issue are highlighted through the smart Controller with easy trouble-shooting with reference to the product manual.

Our Activait brand offers customers a range of pH Correction, UV Disinfection and Chlorine Dosing Systems. Our modular design approach means there’s a system with the right capacity for almost every application. We have also design the range with ease of operate in mind, with plug and play installation. Read more