Elementz Skid RW Rainwater Treatment Plant


Elementz (RW) Rainwater is an advanced plug & play packaged treatment system ideally suited to large developments or for those requiring Green Star Rating. This system is engineered to provide a high quality effluent for a variety of discharge and reuse options. The system can be designed to treat up to 10L/sec. Elementz RW utilises a four stage treatment train.

Automated Systems Management

The brains of the Elementz system is our Activait PLC, which is pre-programmed to manage your project specific needs, self-monitoring and adjusting for optimum performance, requiring minimal operator supervision. With full remote monitoring, system levels and operational data can be accessed via any smart device.


The Elementz RW Rainwater is a turnkey plant provided on a sturdy skid base, incorporating the following features:

  • Plug & play packaged system
  • Proven and patented design
  • Flow rates: 0.5 – 10 L/sec
  • Compact design with professionally engineered treatment stages
  • Treated water suitable for a variety of reuse options
  • Full operator control via touch screen
  • BMS and remote monitoring via our Activait PLC interface
  • Unique split skid design for tight access basement or room installations
  • Also available in a weather enclosure
  • Factory wet tested & approved

The Elementz MemPak Series is manufactured in Australia in accordance to ISO9001 Manufacturing Standards. All workmanship is completed in accordance with best practice. AKS also carries ISO certification for 14001 Environmental Management and 45001 for OH&S Management.


The Elementz MemPak is completely packaged plant supplied directly to your site in a 40ft container. Having been wet tested prior to dispatch, these system can be installed quickly, depending on the location and existing infrastructure on-site.


Site commissioning is included in our quoted price. Manuals, Operator check list will be submitted to the contractor or purchaser on deliver.


Maintenance of all Elementz Plants is simplified via the incorporation of the advanced Activait Plant Automation System, which monitors the systems performance and checks for any anomalies or faults. With full remote monitoring, system levels and operational data can be accessed and managed via any smart device.

Elementz is our branded series of ‘plug and play’ packaged treatment systems, engineered to provide a variety of reuse applications across a range of industries. Engineered by MBR, our specialist water treatment group, Elementz containerised options are targeted towards remote location facilities, communities and mining applications, with a focus on sewage treatment and water source treatment to potable standards.

We also offer Elementz skid mounted systems for treatment of greywater, blackwater, groundwater, rainwater or stormwater, and are often used in green star rated developments. Read more