Enforcer Transportable Water Tank


The unique Enforcer Transportable Water Tank system provides 60kL storage in a single container. Tanks are suitably lined with moulded plastic pods made prom material matched to the intended application. Simple to install without the requirement for major foundations, this system can be quickly dispatched for emergency response or remote use.

Modular design

Storage capacity can be significantly increased by utilising multiple Enforcer units plumbed in parallel or series. The system can be also packaged as a water tanker filling station, installed with its own diesel pump and fuel tank it can quickly fill vehicles via a built in standpipe, making ideal for use on large civil sites.


Enforcer Transportable Water Tanks constructed from 40ft containers, offering a 60,000 litre capacity, all tanks include the following features:
40ft Container split in 4 compartments, with:
  • Additional structural bracing
  • Internal liner pods, 1 per compartment
  • Liner pods moulded from plastic, quality standard to match intended storage application
  • Fittings stainless steel and plastic
  • Top access hatches 600 x 600mm
  • 1 hatch per compartment
  • (Flanged / BSP) sized to customer specification
  • 60,000 litres in a single tanks
  • Optionally, larger capacities can be created using multiple Enforcer units plumbed in parallel or series
Enforcer Transportable Tanks are manufactured under ISO 9001 certification and are fully factory tested and approved prior to delivery and site. AKS also carries ISO certification for 14001 Environmental Management and 45001 for OH&S Management.
Due to their containerised design, Enforcer Tanks are easy to install on a flat site and requiring little site preparation compare to traditional tanks. A full installation manual will be provided with your purchase and the AKS Support Team is available to answer any questions you may have.
Enforcer Transportable Tanks allow access in to each compartment via roof hatches. The tank must be drain completely prior to cleaning. The internal surface of the pod lining is smooth and non-porous, making it easy to clean. All tanks require routine inspections and maintenance at scheduled intervals to meet standard requirements and ensure there is no sludge buildup. Refer to the manual for more information. If you opt for a Scheduled Maintenance Plan with AKS, we will manage your inspections and maintenance service requirements ensuring your asset remains in premium operating condition.

Enforcer is our specialist brand of steel water tanks, in circular and rectangular configurations, and prefabricated rectangular stainless steel tanks along with our unique containised transportable tanks. Specifically designed to suit a wide range of industries and applications, Enforcer Tanks are built to last. Contact AKS to discuss your water storage needs, or to find out more about the Enforcer brand range, follow the link. Read more