Enforcer Round Panel Water Tanks


Enforcer Water Storage Tanks are built tough, and manufactured in accordance with AS2304 requirements. Engineered to exceed the requirements for wind-loading and water pressures, Enforcer Tanks can also be engineered to meet requirements for structures in cyclonic affected areas. Suitable for the storage of rainwater, stormwater, wastewater or potable water, these galvanised tanks are provided with a liner suitable to the intended application. Extensively specified by leading industry specialists, across a wide range of industries, Enforcer Tanks are designed for commercial, industrial and multi-residential applications.


Protex Water offers outstanding value with packages that include all require accessories and/or on-site construction of the required tank size. Tanks are available form 30,000 litres in capacity, all the way up to 1 megalitre in a single tank. Accessories packages include all the additional pipework, valves and any fittings needed for your project.


Enforcer Tanks are offered in capacities from 30,000 litres – 1 megalitre, all tanks include the following features:

  • Steel circular, closed top panel tank
  • Sealed roof sheet with supporting roof members
  • Tank liner (HD PVC or polypropylene)
  • Galvanised steel as standard
  • Optional powder-coating in a wide range of colours (Dulux range)
  • Other grades of steel available on request
  • Welded in accordance with AS1170:2007
  • Completed by trained and experienced boiler makers
  • Top and side access
  • Galvanised access ladder
  • Caged access ladder with platform for tanks over 5.95 metres high
  • Inlet: (Flanged / BSP)
  • Outlet: (Flanged / BSP) with anti vortex
  • 30,000 litres – 1 megalitres
  • Larger capacities provided using multiple tanks

Manufactured in Australia in accordance to AS 2304:2019 Design Code and following approved ISO9001 Manufacturing Standards. All workmanship is completed in accordance with best practice. AKS also carries ISO certification for 14001 Environmental Management and 45001 for OH&S Management.


Enforcer Tanks are engineered to be easy to install and maintain. They are constructed from prefabricated sections on-site, and AKS offers you a comprehensive installation service to ensure your tanks and fire system is commissioned in the shortest possible time-frame.


Enforcer Tanks require routine inspections and maintenance at scheduled intervals to meet standard requirements. If you opt for a Scheduled Maintenance Plan with AKS, we will manage your inspections and maintenance service requirements ensuring your asset remains in premium operating condition.


Enforcer is our specialist brand of galvanised steel panel tanks, in circular and rectangular configurations, and prefabricated rectangular stainless steel tanks. Specifically designed for industrial, commercial and multi-residential applications, Enforcer Tanks are built to last, with our stainless steel possessing a service life of up to 100 years.

AKS also provides Water Treatment Systems for water reuse purposes that can be paired with Enforcer Tanks to provide a complete packaged system. Read more