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Irrigation AND Filtration

Keeping The Victoria Golf Club Green

The Victoria Golf Club is amongst the States finest courses having hosted the Australian Open for both Men and Women, as well as numerous Victorian Opens and other prestigious events.

Near the coast in Cheltenham, on beautiful Port Phillip Bay, the course required an upgrade to its irrigation system to ensure quality greens could be maintained into the future.

AKS won the tender to provide and install a fully new irrigation system which included a skidded solution pump system, incorporating 4 x Grundfos vertical multistage centrifugal pumps with integrated frequency converters, providing up to 60L/sec @ 400 kPa. A dedicated block-work with wide access doors was constructed to house the system, this included an integrated internal gantry to lift and move pumps and other equipment for ease of servicing and maintenance.

Harvested water was drawn via a suction line from the on-course dam, with the system providing filtration down to 100 microns using a Filtaworx fully automatic self-cleaning filter, and pH correction via an exactingly installed Sulfur burner. The water is then split discharged via flow meters followed by dosing with fertiliser, prior to irrigation.

The system programmed on an automatic cycle but can be adjusted manually using the advanced control panel which provides onscreen monitoring of all system metrics, in addition large switches allow pumps to be turned on and off individually.

The Victoria Golf Club also packaged an AKS service contract with the system, ensuring it operates at optimum efficiency and is kept in premium condition, providing a long and productive life with no nasty surprise maintenance blowouts.   

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