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Grit Separator

Impressive sight of nine Vortex Grit Separators filtering 50ml/day in Pilbara Mine

Produced for one of Fortescue’s Pilbara mines, this filtration plant was designed to treat a flow rate of 580L/sec (50ML/ day) at an operating pressure of 16 bar. The plant consists of nine separate DN150 operating trains connected to a DN350 common inlet/ outlet manifold.  

Each train had a primary Vortex grit separator, followed by secondary 50-micron automatic backwashing filter with a motorised brush mechanism. All equipment and materials used where of the highest quality with the wetted parts supplied in 316L stainless steel.  

The skid was built and tested to strict standards. Our proven expertise in providing performance equipment for use in harsh mining environments led to us being trusted to provide a reliable and quality solution for removing sediment from the rock crushing return water stream. The water used in this process was then reuse for onsite irrigation purposes.

AKS is proud to have been associated with this project for Fortescue Metals Group, one of Australia's most renowned mining companies with strong environmental credentials...

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