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Treating harvested rainwater to drinking standard for the Moorooduc Primary School on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, our Elementz RWTP services about 350 student and staff, providing around 5,000 litres per day of quality drinking water.

Treating harvested rainwater to drinking standard

The treatment plant is fully packaged within a 20ft container and includes 4-stage filtration with automatic backwash, UV disinfection, chlorine dosing, and soda ash dosing, all with water quality monitoring.

The system is managed via a touchscreen control panel, also housed within the container, and installed with remote monitoring allowing control from any smart device with network access. A UPS system and back-up generator ensure the system can continue to operate 24/7 even in power outages.

AKS also provided an inground rainwater harvesting tank to above ground rainwater storage tank system, consisting of 4 x 5000L collection tanks and 2 x 50,000L storage tanks.

Now installed and commission, this system will provide the school with a quality water supply well into the future.

Moorooduc Primary School has a proud 140 year history, and the Victorian School Building Authority wanted to keep the school facilities up-to-date by providing a new rainwater harvesting and water treatment plant. AKS was up to the challenge providing a turnkey solution. 

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