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Multi-faceted Water Treatment Solution for Carlton Connect

AKS partnered with Axis Plumbing and Lend Lease to successfully deliver a multi-faceted water treatment solution, providing high levels of Green Star rating and innovative design. This included a turnkey Water Harvesting and Distribution solution, a Biological and Membrane Greywater Treatment Plant for toilet flushing reuse, a Reverse Osmosis Greywater Treatment Plant for cooling tower makeup water supply, and a Reverse Osmosis Groundwater Treatment Plant for irrigation and toilet flushing.

All these packaged units were skid mounted, complete with wiring, control panels, switches, meters, gauges, pipework, valves and fittings. A real feature of the plant is the inbuilt Activait monitoring and control system, allowing onsite control and remote monitoring and control access via smart device.

AKS is proud to be associated with the much-heralded Carlton Connect project, a purpose-built, university-led research and innovation precinct in Melbourne, on the former Royal Women’s Hospital site.

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