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Wash Bay TREATMENT Plant

Large-scale Wash Bay, Wastewater Treatment Plant

As part of the development of this substantial, large vehicle wash bay facility in Victoria’s North, we were asked to design and manufacture a system to provide Class A treatment of the facilities wastewater, allowing treated water to be reused in the wash bay. 

The design allowed the wash bay wastewater to be channeled and held in a large inground open air containment tank. It was then feed into an impressive five stage treatment train, first entering a DAF system to remove total suspended solids and associated biological and chemical oxygen demand.

This was followed by, AFM Media filtration, Ultra-filtration, and Ultraviolet Disinfection stages, before finally being dosed with Chlorine, ensuring the removal on unwanted bacteria and viruses. The treated water was then sent to a large above ground panel storage tank, where it could be pumped back ‘on demand’ for reuse in the wash bay facility.  

With a capacity of 600 kL per day, our Clearmaster plant does the right thing by the environment, substantially reducing the wash bays reliance on mains water supply through the highly effective application of smart reuse technology.

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