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Bleedwater TREATMENT Plant

Bleedwater Treatment Plant for Melbourne CBD Tower

Situated at the heart of Melbourne’s CBD on the corner of Collins and King Streets, the impressive 555 Collins is nearing completion.

AKS has just supplied an Elementz Treatment Plant to the development, designed to treat cooling tower blowdown/bleedwater, so it can be reused within the system.

Cooling towers work on an evaporative process that leaves the working fluid with high concentrations of minerals and corrosion inhibitor chemicals.  As a result, make-up water is required to replenish the system, which is typically drawn from mains supply.

The plants treatment process utilises an RO train to achieve high quality, low TDS water, ideal for the cooling tower requirements, ensuring maximum water efficiency, and saving the development up to 2,829kL annually in additional water use. The system also incorporates a multibarrier disinfection system utilising high power UV and Chlorination to ensure the treated water is remains safe for cooling tower reuse.

With a treatment capacity of 8,000 L/day, the Elementz Bleedwater Plant significantly reduces the cooling tower system’s reliance on the main supply for make-up water and helps increases the buildings Green Star Ratings.

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