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GROUNDWATER Treatment Plant

Groundwater Treatment For Lakeside Apartments

AKS were contracted to design, manufacture, install and commission a groundwater treatment package for a new apartment complex in Melbourne suburb of St Kilda.

Positioned adjacent to Albert Park Lake, and with several basement levels the complex needed a system to manage the expected groundwater. We designed a plant to treat 225 kL/d of groundwater, with a recovery rate of 85%. Permeate was blended and used for irrigation and other recycle water requirements, reducing the building reliance on mains supply.

The heart of the system is a two-stage reverse osmosis system, and also features duty/ standby, pre-treatment trains, with AFM and DMI-65 media vessels, followed by cartridge filters.

AKS was quickly able to provide a cost-effective solution to safeguard the Lakeside Apartments basement levels from a constant inflow of groundwater, due to the buildings proximity to the picturesque Albert Park.

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