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SEWAGE Treatment Plant

SBR Sewage Treatment Plant for WA Mining Village

AKS designed, constructed onsite and commissioned a new treatment package for the Fleetwood Village STP in Karratha WA.

Design to treat 250 kL/d, the SBR features a 10.5m diameter x 3.4m high panel tank, powder coated Rivergum Green.

The system featured a 7.5 kW Centrifugal end suction ejector aerator with a Mapro Twin stage Side channel blower, providing highly efficient aeration and mixing. The decant sequence was achieved using a 7.5 kW open impeller pump, delivering 35 L/s to a 100 kL storage tank.

Decant water was then polished via a double pass Zeolite media filtration system, followed by a 400 watt UV disinfection with wiper cleaning.

Smartly packaged in a 20ft container the plant room also houses the control panel providing effluent water quality monitored using Hach instrumentation.

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