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WATER Treatment PlantS

STP Upgrade, Including Bioreactor Tanks & Equipment

AKS was contracted to upgrade the existing STP at the Wickham Point Detention Centre. This included replacing the fibreglass bioreactor tanks and adding new epoxy coated steel tanks.

The steel tanks are designed to withstand Category D cyclone conditions and have an aeration zone with OTT Magnum fine bubble diffusers and an Anoxic zone with a submerged mixer.

Other upgrade equipment included pump skids for the submerged membranes.  These pumps are designed to operate in forward and reverse for filtration or backwashing the membranes for improved performance and ease of long-term maintenance.

This carefully planned and executed sewage treatment system and equipment  upgrade project, provides the  Detention Centre with a vastly improved facility that is both more efficient and easier to maintain.

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