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Drinking Water For South Australia Outback Communities

To facilitate the provision of quality drinking water to several remote communities in South Australia, AKS was asked to provide a unique treatment system.

Utilising our proven Elementz potable water treatment plant design, AKS added an external control panel to allow individual communities members to draw treated water, as needed, from a simple to use control outlet.

Treating nearby bore water, using a Reverse Osmosis followed by Chlorination, the plant provides up to 5,000L/day of treated water. The system was also installed with a full solar and battery system allowing total off grid operation. Packaged in a 40’ container, this Elementz Potable system was enabled with remote monitoring, allowing offsite control via a smart device, providing around the clock access and control.

AKS also offer a  branding or graphic wrap service, allow you or the local community to customise a design to cover the container, providing a presence to your project that is both appealing and culturally sensitive.

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