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Demineralisation TREATMENT Plant

Demineralisation Treatment Providing Pure Water

Our recently completed Elementz DM (Demineralisation Treatment Plant) is neatly packaged in an air conditioned 20’ container, producing permeate water with only 5 µs/cm conductivity and with almost no TDS.

The plant primarily uses Ultrafiltration prefiltration, followed by Reverse Osmosis, providing an exceptional recovery rate of 91%, with a capacity of 48m3/day. This fully automated system boasts state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality componentry throughout. The plant can be monitored and managed onsite via a large HMI screen, or remotely, using a smart device with network access. Maintenance is also kept to a minimum, with automated cleaning of the membranes and with an inbuilt RO CIP system with auto top-up functionality.

Used by a major paint manufacture in industrial processing, this plant was designed to be as efficient and self-managing as possible. The Elementz DM certainly ticks all the boxes for design and practical functionality, and with outstanding build quality and reliability.

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