Orb Solar Mixer

controls blue-green algae

Our patented OrbSolar Mixer is proven as a highly efficient way to manage blue-green algae and improve water quality in lagoons, dams and reservoirs. Running cost are keep to a minimum by harvesting solar energy to battery storage with an option of supporting wind generation and remote monitoring. The combined capacity of the solar panels and batteries allows for 24/7 operation without the need for mains grid supply. Even deep water reservoirs can be de-stratified, significantly raising overall dissolved oxygen levels and preventing odours caused by stagnant anaerobic sludge layers. Ideally suited to use in municipal, agricultural or manufacturing wastewater treatment, as well as for the treatment of recreational waterways.

oxygenates LARGE VOLUMES

Each OrbSolar Mixer unit is capable of positively effecting up to 2 hectares of water surface area, with the mixers long draw tube drawing water from near the bottom of the reservoir, thus continually oxygenating a large area of water by sucking it up and propelling it out across the water surface. For larger reservoirs, with unusual shape, size or depth, multiple units can be installed strategically to maximise beneficial outcomes for the entire water area.


The Orb Solar Mixer draws water from the bottom of the reservoir and dispenses with a lateral ripple-flow action across an expansive water surface area. The Orb Solar Mixer incorporates the follow features:

Construction Materials
  • Floats: Moulded Polypropylene
  • Frame: 316 stainless steel
  • Platform: Fibreglass
  • Dish: Fibreglass
  • Impellor: Stainless steel
  • Bearings: Stainless steel, sealed type
operational systems
  • Drive Control: High torque, low voltage motor, reversible, varible speed
  • Flotation array: Hydro dynamaic design floats x 4, total buoyancy of 710kg
  • Platform: Access step, suitable for 1 x 120kg operator
  • Battery storage: Onboard triple x 12VDC, 120amp sealed deep cycle battery
  • Solar array: On-board triple x 12VDC, 150W photovoltaic solar panels
  • Status light: LED flashing light for operating status
  • Draw tube system: 800mm diameter. 1-20m length, supplied standard 5m
  • Charge protection: Temperature compensation charging system
  • Fouling protection: Bird deterrent kit installed at top of solar array
  • Certified lifting hooks
  • Aluminium safety hand-rail powder coated
  • SCADA control system
  • 400W wind generator, stainless steel stand
  • Size: 4.5mSQ
  • Weight: 385kg
  • Min Operating Depth: 1.1m (Approx)
  • Max Operating Depth: 30m (Approx)
  • Induced Flow Rate: 1.3ML/hr (Approx)
  • Combined Flow Rate: 2.5ML/hr (Approx)
  • Solids handling: <100mm
  • Origin: Made in Australia

Constructed from hard wearing rust resistant materials, the Orb Solar Mixer has been proven in the field over years of reliable service. Manufactured by AKS Industries under strict ISO 9001 standards and factory pre-commissioned. AKS also carries ISO certification for 14001 Environmental Management and 45001 for OH&S Management.



Due to the unique design of the Orb Solar and need to strategically position and tether the units within the water body, AKS Industries usually installs your Orb Solar Mixers for you. The installation cost is itemised in your product quotation. Should you wish to install your own unit or move an existing unit, please talk to your AKS representative.


All Orb Solar Mixer are pre-commissioned prior to dispatch from your factory, so no on-site commissioning is required.


Maintenance is relatively straight forward with the Orb Solar Mixer, with few moving parts and with solar power operation, the unit can operate for long periods with any maintenance. Periodical maintenance is required however to clean the solar array and remove debris from the platform, water outlet dish and impeller. Other maintenance recommendations can be accessed in the User Manual.

AKS Industries offers a range of water and wastewater mixers under the Orb Mixer brand name. Mixing technology plays an important role at the secondary treatment stage providing mixing and sludge suspension in tanks, ponds, ditches, dams and reservoirs.

Orb Mixers are available in a host of types, sizes and configurations, so there’s a Orb Mixer model suited to almost every conceivable application. Read more