Elementz Skid Potable Water Treatment Plant


The Elementz Potable Water Treatment Plant range is ideal for treating water from a range of potential sources, for example: rainwater, river water or groundwater, and converting it to a reliable quality drinking supply. This can used in a number of remote applications, serving a small community, business or operation site. The Elementz system can be tuned to treat the local water source and bring it to the required potable (drinking water) standard

Automated Systems Management

Built on a convenient skid base, the Elementz Potable Water Treatment system is fully packaged and easily transported to site for installation. Treating up to 700 kL/Day of quality drinking water, this system is fully automated and can be monitored and managed remotely using our Activait system via any smart device, or onsite via the built-in HMI screen.


Our Elementz Systems are manufactured in Australia in accordance to ISO9001 Manufacturing Standards. All workmanship is completed in accordance with best practice. AKS also carries ISO certification for 14001 Environmental Management and 45001 for OH&S Management.

Elementz is our branded series of ‘plug and play’ packaged treatment systems, engineered to provide a variety of reuse applications across a range of industries. Engineered by our specialist water treatment team, Elementz containerised options are targeted towards remote location facilities, communities and mining applications, with a focus on sewage treatment and water source treatment to potable standards.

We also offer Elementz skid mounted systems for treatment of greywater, blackwater, groundwater, rainwater or stormwater, and are often used in green star rated developments. Read more